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BlackBox Security Monitor 1.0 build 226

     Category: Utilities / Security

Description of
BlackBox Security Monitor 1.0 build
BlackBox Security Monitor is a handy and powerful tool for security monitoring. It is designed to collect information from multiple computers and report it to one central location - on the computer where BlackBox Security Monitor is installed. The most comprehensive monitoring: * Every Program launched: when program was started/ended, what is the program name, what is the text in program title; * Every Web site visited: the web site address, when it was, even the IP address; * All Web Searches: what was this search for; * Computer usage time; * All E-Mails sent and received; * All Web Mails sent and received on HotMail/LiveMail, YahooMail, Google GMail, AOL Web Mail; * Instant Messengers chat and conversations via Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Yahoo/ICQ, Jabber, etc; * All keystrokes typed; * Record screen captures in color and high resolution with highest compression rate available; * Total network traffic. Alerts and Warnings instantly or as a summary on your e-mail or cell phone: * Highly configurable alerts and warnings; * Get alerts on programs launched, Web sites visited, keywords detected in Web searches, E-Mails, Web Mails, Instant Messenger conversions, total network traffic; * Receive alerts instantly or daily summary on your e-mail or cell phone. Reports with monitoring data summary: * User Activity report; * 10 Most popular programs; * 10 Most popular Web sites; * 10 Most popular searches on the Web; * 10 Most active Instant Messenger users; * 10 Most active E-Mail users; * Program launched report; * Web sites visited report; * Alerts/Warnings generated report. Privacy is guaranteed: * All monitoring data goes only on your computer, we are not communicating with any other third party; * All monitoring traffic and data storage is encrypted. It is 100% Free: * No strings attached, no features removed, no privacy compromised.
BlackBox Security Monitor 1.0 build
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Author: ASM Software
License: Freeware
File Size: 14.2 MB
Downloads: 7

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